• KRIHS-BBSR MoU Signing Ceremony

    KRIHS-BBSR MoU Signing Ceremony Date: June 20 (Thu), 2024 Venue: Online KRIHS and the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBSR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on June 20, 2024. Under this MoU, both institutions will collaborate on urban and regional planning research, education, and organizing workshops and seminars. The objectives of the MoU are to: ㅇ Explore ways of cooperation in urban planning and regional development to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations. ㅇ Monitor the progress and performance of joint activities. ㅇ Develop joint activities and action plans for the next three years. Dr. Gyo-Eon Shim, President of KRIHS, and Dr. Peter Jakubowski, Head of the Department of Spatial and Urban Development, delivered welcome addresses before signing the MoU. After the signing, KRIHS and BBSR discussed several topics for joint research, including equal living conditions in different countries, climate change and adaptation strategies, and data gathering and analysis. Both organizations expressed high expectations for future cooperation and committed to continuously developing their shared research interests.  
  • KRIHS Visiting from Vietnam Youth Leaders

    KRIHS Visiting from Vietnam Youth Leaders Date: June 19 (Wed), 2024 Venue: KRIHS, Sejong, Korea Vietnam Youth Leaders visited KRIHS on June 19, 2024. This visit was part of the 2024 Korea Foundation Korea-Vietnam Youth Leaders Exchange, which aims to broaden mutual understanding and strengthen the relationship between the two countries by sharing Korea’s development experience. KRIHS welcomed around 30 government officers from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.The half-day visit began with welcoming remarks from Youn Hee Jeong, GDPC Managing Director, and a gratitude greeting from Hoàng Quốc Long, Director of the Department of Youth Affairs. Following this, Dr. Eunmo Yang, GDPC Associate Research Fellow, gave an introductory presentation on KRIHS and the GDPC. Dr. Jeong-Ho Moon then presented on the Economic and Territorial Development of Korea. The presentation mainly covered Korea’s development in historical and economic contexts, the National Comprehensive Plan, and current challenges. In the subsequent Q&A session, the presenter and attendees discussed balanced regional development and land-use policies in Korea.  
  • Attending the 50th session of the RDPC

    Attending the 50th session of the RDPC Date: May 13 ~17, 2024 Venue: OECD, Paris, France The 50th session of the Regional Development Policy Committee (RDPC), together with the 46th session of the Working Party on Territorial Indicators, the 31st session of the Working Party on Rural Policy, and the 35th session of the Working Party on Urban Policy, was held at the OECD, Paris, from May 13 to 17. Dr. Eunji Choi, an associate research fellow at GDPC, attended the event to advise representatives from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport who attended on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Korea.The RDPC serves as the premier international forum promoting effective place-based policies to improve living standards and well-being for citizens across all regions, cities, and rural areas. Delegates from various OECD member countries attended roundtable meetings to share their place-based, multilevel, and multisectoral regional development policies. During the meetings, the RDPC and government delegates discussed key concepts, such as inclusive growth and functional areas, shared experiences on national urban policy (NUP), the use of OECD Principles on Urban Policy, challenges and opportunities in AI for advancing regional policy, and recent policy innovations. Delegates were also invited to share their views on the agenda and expectations of the upcoming RDPC ministerial meeting.  
  • Visiting Busan Foundation for International Cooperation

    Visiting Busan Foundation for International Cooperation Date: April 4 (Thu), 2024 Venue: Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC), Busan, Korea On April 4, the GDPC visited the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC) in Busan. The BFIC deputy secretary-general, official development assistance/training department team leader, and managers warmly welcomed the GDPC members. The primary aim of this meeting was to share information and discuss current projects on urban development cooperation between the two organizations as well as to network.Following introductions from each institution, the GDPC presented its current research projects related to locally led development and its efforts in co-organizing programs with other international institutions. The BFIC also shared its experiences collaborating on development programs between Busan and various foreign cities.During the discussion session, several key topics were addressed, including the identity of local official development assistance (ODA), the significance of locally led development in the field of urban development, and suggestions for cooperation between the central government, municipalities, and ODA-relevant organizations.
  • Meeting between GDPC and the United Nations University

    Meeting between GDPC and the United Nations University Date: March 25 (Mon), 2024 Venue: Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea On March 25, 2024, the “2024 Korea–Africa Business Forum” was held in Seoul. Under the theme “The Era of Uncertainty: Shaping a New Korea–Africa Joint Cooperation Strategy,” the forum served as a platform to discuss cooperation tasks and prioritize agendas for Korea–Africa private sector partnerships. Beginning with a virtual congratulatory remark by Ki-Moon Ban (the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations), experts from around the world, including Timothy Dickens (Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce in South Korea), Said Mouline (Head of Morocco’s Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security), Joanne Bate (Chief Operating Officer of the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa), Marit Y. Kitaw (Interim Director of the African Minerals Development Centre), and Tshilidzi Marwala (Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo), gathered to discuss investments in alternative energy (nuclear and renewable energy), the energy transition, South Africa’s green hydrogen business strategy, and the importance of digitalization for sustainable industry in Africa.Following the forum, Tshilidzi Marwala, Michael Baldock, Chief of Staff of the United Nations University in Tokyo, and Eunmo Yang, Associate Research Fellow at the Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC), met to discuss United Nations University’s key research interests and the challenges of establishing a United Nations University in Korea. As a result of this discussion, it is expected that the GDPC’s international cooperation research for digital transformation and sustainable development in Africa will expand and that there will be an increase in exchanges between the GDPC and the United Nations University.