Space & Environment

S&E (Vol. 94)

  • 2023-06-29
  • GDPC


Policy Support towards Net-Zero

01 A Conceptual Framework for a Carbon Map to SUpport carbon Neutral Society Policies / Eunsun Im & Jae Soen Son

1. Background and Significance

2. Carbon Map Building Method

3. Development Direction of Carbon Maps

4. Future Projects

02 Strategies for Vulnerable Regions Affected by the Transition to Net-Zero / Yehyun An

1. The Necessity of Supporting Regions Vulnerable to Carbon Neutrality

2. Current State of Vulnerable Regions to Carbon Neutrality

3. Case Analysis of Domestic Responses to Carbon Neutrality

4. Supportive Measures for Regions Vulnerable to Carbon Neutrality

03 Towards Carbon Neutrality: Development Cooperation in the Urban Sector / Youn Hee Jeong

1. Background and Pourpose of the study

2. International Organizaitons' Strategies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality

3. South Korea's Development Cooperation Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development and Carbon Neutraility

4. Policy Recommendations for Development Cooperation Efforts in the Urban Sector in Korea

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