International Cooperation

GDPC holds annual workshops and capacity building programs with IOs, which can induce the synergy effect in terms of expanding global network and supporting developing countries. GDPC also carries out cooperative work with renowned research institutes including Woodrow Wilson Center, University of Pennsylvania to improve the quality of research and disseminate the results around the world.

Seminars to Strengthen Capacity for Overseas Entry

GDPC holds seminars to support Korean institutions and corporations strengthen their international cooperation capacity. The seminar topics cover laws, regulations, and finance which are requisites for Korean institutions and businesses to advance into overseas.

Topics covered by Seminars include:
  • ADB Brown Bag Seminar: Urban Sector Group Knowledge Sharing Session (2017)
  • AIIB 2017 2nd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors, Host Country Seminar: The Era of 4th Industrial Revolution and Infrastructure (2017)
  • UN HABITAT III Conference Networking Event: Smart City Strategies and Data Revolution for Sustainable Development (2016)

Global Development Partnership Forum

To accelerate exchange of information between domestic and external experts, GDPC has hosted a monthly forum from 2011 to 2015 with the objectives of (ⅰ) encouraging professionals to build a strong network, (ⅱ) facilitating exchanges and cooperation between the public and the private sector, (ⅲ) assisting public agencies and businesses make inroads into global markets.

Topics covered by GDP forums include:
  • Business Opportunities with the World Bank (41st forum, 2015)
  • How to Promote Overseas Urban Development Project (40th forum, 2015)
  • Business Opportunities for the Infrastructure Development in Colombia (30th Forum, 2014)