Space & Environment

S&E (Vol. 96)

  • 2024-03-06
  • GDPC

SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 96 (December 2023)

Current Issues of Construction Economy in Korea

01 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Effects of Digital Construction Technology: Focused on BIM / Chijoo Lee

1. Need for Implementing BIM to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

2. GHG Reduction Policies of Building

3. GHG Reduction Effects from BIM Implementation

4. Strategies to Promote BIM for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

02 Application of Public-Private Partnerships to Infrastructure Management / JongWuk Ahn, JongSo Lee

1. Background and Purpose

2. Infrastructure Management Status

3. Road Facility Management Analysis

4. PPPs for Infrastructure Maintenance

03 Research on the Supply of Living SOC through Public-Private Partnership / Seongsoo Kin, Hyunji Yoo

1. Progress of Living SOC projects

2. A survey on utilizing private investment in Living SOC projects

3. The need to promote Living SOC private-public partnership

4. Measures to stimulate private investment in Living SOC

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