Space & Environment

S&E (Vol. 97)

  • 2024-05-27
  • GDPC

SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 97 (March 2024)

Housing Policy for Current Real Estate Market Issues

01 Korean Jeonse System, Risk of Jeonse Leveraged Investments, and Policy Implications / Jinbaek Park

1. Understanding the Korean Jeonse System and Its Changing Nature

2. Extreme Leverage Structure in Jeonse - Gap Investment

3. Risk of Unreturned Jeonse Deposits

4. Policy Implications

02 A Study on the Causes of and Countermeasures to Changes in Unsold Housing / Gwanseok Hwang, Jeehye Kim, Yun Sang Lee

1. Current Status of Unsold Houses and Reason for Fluctuations

2. Risk and Ripple Effect of Unsold Houses

3. Directions in Policy Responses to Tackle Unsold Houses by Crisis Stage

03 Spatial Segregation by Housing Prices and Its Policy Implications / Yun Sang Lee

1. Concept and Issues of Residential Segregation by Housing Prices

2. Methods and Results of Residential Segregation Measurement

3. Exploring Changes in Residential Segregation: Case Study Area Analysis Results

4. Implications and Applications of the Analysis

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