Research and Consulting

GDPC provides bilateral technical assistance to partner countries through research, planning, and policy analysis. It conducts ODA projects such as Knowledge Sharing Program and joint research projects with the Korean government and MDBs.

Knowledge Sharing Program for Construction and Infrastructure Development

Projects run by GDPC include:
  • Urban Planning Strategies for the Hong River Banks in Hanoi: Thang Long Bridge-Long Bien Bridge Section (2014)
  • Policy Consultation on Green Urban Infrastructure Development: Focusing on Solid Waste Management in Sri Lanka (2014)
  • Development Plan for Eastern Mumbai Metropolitan Region (2014)

Joint Research Project with MDBs

Projects run by GDPC include:
  • KSP-IDB Joint consulting Programs for Developing Countries (since 2013)
  • ADB-KRIHS High Level Policy Advisory Program for the Mongolian People's Republic Land Acquisition and Resettlements (2012)