Special Report

Special Report Vol. 69 (2022)

  • 2023-01-31
  • GDPC

Special Report Vol. 69 (2022)

A Study on Developing Multiple Deprivation Index for Community-based Living SOC Policy

Chapter I. Research Background and Purpose

Chapter II. Significance of Developing Indices of Multiple Deprivation

Chapter III. The Framework of Multiple Deprivation Indices and Pilot Analysis

1. Concept and Composition of the Korean Indices of Multiple Deprivation

2. Level 1: MDI (Multiple Deprivation Index)

3. Level 2: LDI (Living SOC Deprivation Index)

4. Level 3: SDI (Spatial Deprivation Index)

Chapter IV. Future Tasks


This study aims to develop the Korean Indices of Multiple Deprivation (KIMD), which can be used in the policy decision-making process to discover communitybased living social overhead capital (SOC) projects or review the priority of supporting projects and explore ways to use them. As a pilot, this study developed the KIMD consisted with three levels in terms of spatial resolution and utilization and three types of indices: the multiple deprivation index (MDI), living SOC deprivation index (LDI), and spatial deprivation index (SDI).

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