Knowledge Exchange

Visiting Fellow Program

Since 2011, GDPC has been offering a Visiting Fellow Program (2-4 weeks in duration) that aims at fostering a global network of experts and practitioners from international organizations, academic institutes, and government agencies from around the world. Through the program, participants conduct research in related fields and share their findings with specialists from KRIHS and other agencies in Korea.

Internship Program

GDPC provides an Internship Program to government officials from partner countries (1-6 months in duration). Officials who participate in this program are given a better understanding of the roles of government research institutes and also have an opportunity to share the current status quo in their respective countries in terms of national territorial development.

Special Lectures

Special Lectures serve as a channel through which world renowned scholars share their expertise in the field of urban, regional, and infrastructure development.These distinguished scholars provide cutting-edge research outcomes and successful strategies proven in advanced countries.

Academic Seminars

GDPC exchanges knowledge with overseas academic and research institutes through Academic Seminars in order to advance research capacity. These seminars contribute to expanding academic achievements and leading global research.