Space & Environment

S&E (Vol. 93)

  • 2023-06-29
  • GDPC

SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 93 (March 2023)

Policy Responses on Population Change in South Korea

01 The Necessity of Introducing Temporary Population and Policy Measures / Sohyun An

1. Background and Significance

2. Concept and Current Status of Temporary Population, and Types of Temporary Population Areas

3. Interaction between the Temporary Population and Temporary Population Areas

4. Government Strategies to Promote Temporary Populations

02 Housing Welfare Strategy, According to Changes in Future Trends and Housing Consciousness / Giljae Lee

1. Introduction

2. Changing Future Trends and Housing Issues

3. Results of the Survey on Public Housing Awareness

4. Housing Welfare Strategy to respond to Future Trends

03 Re-establishing the Housing Policy Paradigm towards 2040 in the context of Societal and Demographic Changes / Jaechoon Lee

1. The Transition in the Housing Policy Paradigm and Social Change

2. The Factors Influencing the SHift in the Housing Policy Paradigm

3. 2040 Housing Policy Paradigm

4. Policy Suggestions for the Realiaion of the Houisng Policy Paradigm

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