Director’s Message

Thank you very much for visiting the website of the Global Development Partnership Center of the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements.

The Republic of Korea became the 24th member of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), OECD in November 2009. Upon joining the OECD DAC in 2010, Korea has worked to engage in the efforts of global development by leading the adoption of the Development Agenda at the G20 Seoul Summit in November 2010, serving as a bridge among developed, emerging and developing countries, and leading the launching of Global partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.

With this backdrop, the Global Development Partnership Center (GDPC) was established on December 30, 2010 with a goal of accomplishing further global cooperation.

The GDPC supports developing countries in their territorial development efforts through consulting, training program, and planning based on the KRIHS’s more than 40 years of knowledge and experience. We also collaborate closely with international organizations such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to facilitate an even stronger global networking system in territorial development.

The GDPC aims to make great contribution in territorial development both domestically and internationally. Thank you for your continuous interest and support in our mission.

Youn Hee Jeong
Director of GDPC, KRIHS