Special Report

Special Report Vol. 70 (2023)

  • 2023-06-28
  • GDPC

Special Report Vol. 70 (2023)

Road Safety Analysis Based on Big Data

Chapter I. Study Background and Purpose

Chapter II. Current State of Traffic Accidents in Korea and Related Studies

1. Current State of Traffic Accidents in Korea

2. Comparison with OECD Member Nations

3. Related Studies on Road Safety

Chapter III. Analysis of Applicability of Heinrich's Law

1. Necessity

2. Data Collection

3. Results of Sptial Analysis

Chapter IV. Data Preprocessing and Methodology for Developing Road Safety Surrogate Metrics

1. Data Source

2. Defining Road Safety Surrogate Metrics

3. Accident Data Preprocessing

4. Methodology

Chapter V. Road Safety Surrogate Metrics Analysis Using Big Data

1. Creating Surrogate Metrics that describes Road Safety Using DTG

2. Selecting Combined Hazard Sections based on Accidnet Frequency and Road Hazard Level

3. Limitations of DTG Big Data

Chapter VI. Toward a Comprehensive (Proactive/Reactive) Road Safety Policy

1. Road Safety Policy Directions

2. Comprehensive Road Safety Improvement Policy

3. Institutional Improvement Plan

4. Methodology

Chapter VII. Conclusions


In Korea, the number of traffic accident deaths has been steadily decreasing due to continuous efforts to reduce traffic accidents, but it is still at the lower level among OECD countries, and active efforts to improve road safety are needed. To this end, it is necessary to prepare proactive road safety measures by developing a surrogate index that can measure road safety using big data in the road safety field. In this study, it was suggested through spatial analysis that Heinrich's law can be applied to the road safety field, and a road safety surrogate index was developed using DTG(Digital TachoGraph) data. Based on the results of this analysis, a strategy to improve traffic safety was presented by using not only police accident data, but also residents' opinions and big data in related legal plans. In addition, if the comprehensive traffic safety policy project is stabilized after the pilot project is implemented according to the legal plan, it is necessary to prepare a legal basis for systematically promoting the system.

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