Capacity Building

GDPC offers capacity building programs in cooperation with international organizations such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and Asian Development Bank focusing on the specialized areas of KRIHS. The program combines lectures, workshops and site visits to meet the needs of participants.

Key programs Offered

Projects run by GDPC include:
  • KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Capacity Building Program (KIUDA, since 2014, multi-year program)
  • KRIHS-KOICA Urban Management under National Zoning Policy for Guatemala (since 2015, multi-year program)
  • KRIHS-KOICA National Territorial Policy Responding to Climate Change (since 2016, multi-year program)

Multi-Year Capacity Building Program

GDPC seeks to conduct multi-year capacity building program to promote joint research projects with MDBs and Korean government through CIAT: Capacity improvement and Advancement for Tomorrow (KOICA's multi-year program) and KIUDA: KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy(IDB's multi- year program)