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GDPC Co. (hereafter “we”)

We care about customers’ information, and obey laws regarding “Information Network Usage & Privacy” We inform customers how or for what purpose we use information customers give us by following our Privacy Policy, which explains what actions we take to protect customers’ privacy. In case we revise our Privacy Policy, we will post it on our web site(or give individual notice) These policies will take effect as of 2011.05.01.

1. Items of Personal Information collected by the GDPC

In order to apply for membership, consultation, service requests, etc, GDPC collects the following personal information:

  1. 1) Items collected: Name, date-of-birth, login word, password, cellular phone number, E-mail address, occupation, name of company/institute, department, position, office phone number, service usage record, access log, cookies, IP access information, payment record
  2. 2) Method of collecting personal information: Sinbad web site(member signup)
2. Purpose for collecting and using personal information

We use collected personal information for the following purposes:

  1. 1) To fulfill contracts and provide contents following service deliverance;
  2. 2) Member management
    Identification based on members-only service, personal identification, prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized use, age, customer/client service such as handling complaints, sending notices
3. Personal Information Retention Period and Termination
  1. 1) Our center will terminate this information without any exception after the collection and use of personal information is accomplished.
  2. 2) Procedures and methods for personal information termination:
    ① After fulfilling the purpose, information filled out by members will be transferred to GDP Center's separate DB, saved for a certain period, and then destroyed according to our policies and other reasons such as laws related with information protections
    ② The information will not be used in any case except for legal purposes
    ③ Any personal information saved by the form of electronic files will be technologically deleted to prevent any restoration whatsoever.
4. Providing Personal Information

We do not provide or outsource the client's personal information to outsiders. However, there are some exceptions, as stated below

  1. 1) When users agree in advance
  2. 2) In case of legal notice, requests or warrants by law enforcement authorities under legal procedures
5. Consignment of personal information

We do not consign clients' information outside without agreement with them. If there is a need to do so, we will notify the clients and, when needed, we will get agreement beforehand.

6. Clauses on automatic gathering, management, and rejection of the personal information

GDP Center can operate the programs such as "cookies" that find and save your information. To reject cookies, clients could choose the web browser options to allow, confirm, or reject it.

6. Complaints service on personal information

In order to protect clients' personal information and handle complaints, we have designated the related divisions and personal managers stated below

  1. Division of Privacy Information: Haseung Song
  2. Privacy Information Manager: Ilho Chung
  3. You can alert, notify or expose your complaints to the personnel who are responsible for personal information or personnel-in-charge. We will provide enough response regarding the cases of complaints

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