KOrea Planning Support System

  • 2016-01-13
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KOrea Planning Support System (KOPSS)

1. Overview of Korea Planning Support Systems (KOPSS)

- Background and Objectives

- Definition of KOPSS (Korea Planning Support Systems)

- KOPSS Analysis Models

- KOPSS Open API Design

- KOPSS System Architecture

- KOPSS Datamart

- Project Achievements by Year

2. Functions and Usage Examples of Each Model

- Regional Planning Support Model

- Land Use Planning Support Model

- Urban Regeneration Planning Support Model

- Public Facilities Planning Support Model

- Landscape Planning Support Model

- Examples of KOPSS Practical Applications

- Implications

3. Platform Development Strategies for Opening KOPSS

- Setting the Basic Direction for Platform Construction

- KOPSS Open API Platform Design

- Strategies for KOPSS Platform Construction

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