Special Report

Special Report (Vol. 48)

  • 2019-09-03
  • GDPC

Special Report Vol. 48 (2019)

Development of a Big Data Platform for Converged and Integrated Applications in Land and Housing

Chapter I. Research Background and Purpose

Chapter II. Status of informatization in land and housing and the implications

1. Status of informatization in land and housing

2. Big data policy status

3. Environmental change and demand

4. Implications

Chapter III. Vision and strategies for the convergence of land and housing

1. Development direction for the convergence of land and housing

2. Vision and strategies

Chapter IV. Measures and tasks for promoting convergence in the field of land and housing

1. Provision of reliable data with high applicability

2. Construction and provision of user-friendly platform

3. Development of services with diverse applications in the public and private sectors

4. Establishment of the base environment for the promotion of land and housing big data platform

Chapter V. Conclusion


This study aims to suggest directions and strategies for promoting the industries related to land and housing in Korea by creating a base that enables easy and convenient data sharing and utilization in various fields.

In the land and housing sector, an information system is being built and operated for the efficiency of administrative work and convenience of citizen services. However, different data are being provided for the same contents because the linkage among data is not smooth and similar data have been developed in duplication by different institutions. These problems are hindering the promotion of the real estate industry and the private market. Therefore, it is essential to build a basis to establish the master data that are commonly used in land and housing and to standardize and provide various data in the land and housing sector. In addition, a land and housing big data platform should be built to store, collect, process and analyze the data to then create new services.

Creation of a base environment is essential such as the institutions and public relations to be able to smoothly build and operate the land and housing big data and platform. Furthermore, it is important to improve the institutions related to personal information to enable diverse utilization of data as well as the institutions related to real estate market promotion to invigorate the market.

The land and housing big data platform will play an important role in creating various new industries in the future by acting as the seed of data-based policy decision making in the public sector and the creation of new industries in the private sector.

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