Space & Environment

S&E (Vol. 91)

  • 2023-01-31
  • GDPC


Post COVID-19 and Spatial Data

01 Supporting Infectious Disease Prevention Policy through Spatiotemporal Simulation Model / Jaesoen Son

1. A global pandemic and the need for new policy simulations

2. Simulation methodology and empirical results to judge policy effectiveness

3. Implications and future challenges

02 Pure-inTention: A Study on Deep Learning-based Purposedriven Trip Demand Estimation Model for Post Pandemic Countermeasures/ Yohan Chang


2. Trip demand according to purpose

3. Deep learning-based trip demand identification according to purpose using observed link counts

4. Research design for Pure-inTention

5. Data integration and pre-processing for Pure-inTention

6. Experimental results and conclusion

03 Current Status and Improvement Directions of COVID-19 Outbreak Monitoring: Based on An Analysis of New Cases by Eup-Myeon-Dong in 2020 and 2021 / Myunghwa Hwang


2. Current status of COVID-19 monitoring in South Korea

3. An empirical analysis of COVID-19 cases by Eup-Myeon-Dong

4. Conclusion: Suggestions for improved COVID-19 monitoring

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