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S&E (Vol. 90)

  • 2022-07-29
  • GDPC


Current Issues of Real Estate Assets in Korea

01 The Current State and Issues of Real Estate Asset Inequalitie sin South Korea / Hyungchan Lee

1.Why is inequality a problem?

2. How uequal are real estate assets?

3. How is real estate inequality preceived?

4. How to mitigate and reduce inequalities in real estate assets?

02 Vacant Houses as Neglected Resources: The Current Status and Policy Recommendations / Jung Hee Cho

1. Background and significance

2. Influence of vacant houses and necessity of policy-based management

3. Current status of policies on the management of vacant houses and improvement issues

4. Conclusions

03 Diagnosis and Resolution of the Causes of Regional Instability in the Housing Market / Jeehye Kim

1.Background and significance

2.Exploring areas of regional market instability

3. Causes of regional market instability

4. Policy proposal to resolve regional market instability and promote market stability

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