Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 88) Special Edition

  • 2022-01-26
  • GDPC

SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 88. Special Edition (DECEMBER 2021)

COVID-19 and the Transition of Human Settlements


The Roles of Urban Research in Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic and Challenges Ahead / Hyun Soo Kang

Policy & Issue Brief 1: Inequality and Disparity

01 Risk Society, COVID19 Risks, and Inequalities / Soo Jin Kim

1. COVID-19 Risks in Envryday Lives

2. Ulrich Beck's Risk Society: Social Change Starts with Risk Awareness

3. COVID-19 Risk's Similarities to and Difference from Existing Disaster Risk Concepts

4. Concentration of the COVID-19 Risk on Housing-Vulnerable Areas: Causes and Responses

02 Will COVID-19 Lead to Balanced National Development? / Kyung Hyun Park

1. Background and Purpose

2. Legacy of the Pandemic

3. Pandemic and Mixed Forecasts Over Growth of Metropolises

4. Direction of Balanced National Development in the COVID-19 Era

Policy & Issue Brief 2: Urban Crisis and Vulnerability

01 COVID-19 Brings Crisis in Urban Planning / Dong Kun Kim

1. Introduction

2. COVID-19 and the Changing Aspects of Cities

3. Prospects for Urban Planning

4. The Future of Urban Planning after COVID-19

02 People Who Worry Making a Living than Being Infected with COVID-19 / So Yang Jung

1. Vulnerability to COVID-19 (Infectious Disease) and Vulnerable Areas

2. Physical and Environmental Factors Vulnerable to Infectious Diseases

3. Changes in Daily Lives Caused by COVID-19 in Vulnerable Areas

4. Conclusion

Policy & Issue Brief 3: New Urban Transition

01 Healthy Urban Life with Green Infrastructure / Eun Joo Yoon

02 In the Era of Isolation, International Development Cooperation for Resilient City / Youn Hee Jeong

1. Background and Purpose

2. COVID-19 and its Implications on International Development Cooperation and Tasks

3. Importance of International Development Cooperation for Resilient Cities in the COVID-19 Era

4. Challenges to International Development Cooperation in Sustainable Urban Development

Special Articale

Comparing Impact of COVID-19 on Public Transportation in the United States and in the Republic of Korea / Kevin Heaslip

1. Previous Pandemic Transport Responses

2. Methodology

3. Impact of COVID-19 on Public Transit

4. Conclusions


01 Seminar in Celebration of KRIHS's 43rd Anniversary

02 Talk Session to Discuss New Balanced National Development Policy

03 KRIHS-Gangneung City Exchange and Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

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