Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 87)

  • 2021-10-20
  • GDPC



Smart Mobility / Sung Ho Oh

Policy & Issue Brief

01 Strategies to Implement Autonomous Public Transit: Focusing on Autonomous Bus Rapid Transit and Shuttle Services / Tae Kwan Yoon

1. Rapidly Growing Autonomous Vehicle Market and Public Transit

2. What is the Autonomous Public Transit Service?

3. Implementation of Autonomous Public Transit and Expected Outcomes

4. Prediction of the Timing and Effective Ways of the Implementation of Autonomous Public Transit

02 Effects of Road Environment Improvements in Hydrogen Economy / Jung Haw Kim

1. Predictions on the Supply of HFCV by Region

2. Estimation of the Future Air Pollution Emissions

3. Social Benefits of the Reduction of Air Pollution Emissions

03 Cooperative Program of Space Planning and Transportation System for Reducing Particulate Matter Based on Big Data / Jong Hak Kim

1. A Necessity for Cooperation between Space Planning and the Transporation System to Reduce PM Emissions

2. Process of Developing a Cooperative Program of Space Planning and Transporation System for Reducing PM

3. Case Analysis of Promoting Walking for PM Reduction

4. Conclusion


01 SNU Environmental Planning Institue-LH-KRIHS Joint International Symposium for the 40th Anniversary of the SNU Environmental Planning Institute

02 International Seminar in Commemoration of the Launch of Geospatial Analytics & Monitoring Center

03 KRIHS-NIE MoU Signing Ceremony

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