Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 79)

  • 2019-10-16
  • GDPC

SPACE &ENVIRONMENT VOL. 79 (September 2019)

Issue and Trends 01

01 Promoting the Social Real Estate for the Inclusive City / Myungshik Choi

1. Necessity and concept of social real estate

2. Social real estate management organization

3. Strategies to promote social real estate

4. Implications

Issue and Trends 02

02 Strengthening the Publicness of Land Expropriation Projects and Future Tasks / Seungjong Kim

1. Background

2. Main details of the institutional improvements to strengthen publicness

3. Future tasks for strengthening publicness

In-Depth Look 01

03 Housing Policy Strategies in Response to Downtown Revitalization / Changyu Park, Minji Noh

1. Introduction

2. Effect of downtown revitalization on housing demand and stock

3. Effect of downtown revitalization on residential environment

4. Housing policy strategies in response to downtown vitalization

In-Depth Look 02

04 Housing Support Policy for Reducing Housing Cost Burden / Mina Kang

1. Background

2. Measures to reduce housing cost through expanding housing benefits and realizing standards

3. Measure to reduce energy costs

4. Measures for job creation and housing cost reduction by providing employee rental housing for SMEs.

5. Measures to support households living in nonconventional housing units

6. Implications for developing countries

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