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Seminar in Celebration of the GDPC’s 11th Anniversary

  • 2022-03-08
  • GDPC

Seminar in Celebration of the GDPC’s 11th Anniversary

Date: Decembe 8 (Wed), 2021

Venue: KRIHS, Sejong, Korea

On December 8, GDPC held a seminar in celebration of its 11th anniversary entitled “The Future of International Development Cooperation in the Urban Sector of Latin America and the Caribbean (hereinafter LAC).” The seminar served as a forum to examine the current status and major challenges of international development cooperation projects in LAC’s urban areas and to discuss future visions and plans together.

During the opening ceremony, KRIHS President Hyun Soo Kang congratulated the GDPC’s membership on its performance and development over the past 11 years. GDPC Director Sang Keon Lee made a presentation on the current status and implications of KRIHS’ international development cooperation projects in LAC.

Many interesting topics were presented during the seminar. Pukyong National University Professor Ji Hyun Seo presented on the achievements and challenges of development cooperation in the LAC urban field. The director of the Paraguay Office of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Dae Hwan Kim, spoke on a proposal for risk mitigation for international development cooperation projects in LAC, focusing on the urban transportation project of the KOICA in Paraguay. Finally, an associate research fellow from KRIHS’ urban research division, Jin Hui Lee, presented on urban renewal policies and practices in Colombia.

During the discussion session, the director of the international finance bureau of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Kwang Chul Ji; the director of theoverseas construction policy division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Sung Ik Oh; the director of the Korea Research Center for Overseas Construction of the International Contractors Association of Korea, Chang Gu Jung; and the director of the MDB co-financing team from the Export-Import Bank of Korea’s MDB operations department, Woo Young Choi, shared their insights and discussed the vision for the future of international development cooperation projects in LAC’s urban areas.

6. GDPC 11주년개소기념세미나 사진1.JPG

6. GDPC 11주년개소기념세미나 사진2.JPG

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