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52nd EAROPH Executive Committee Meeting

  • 2020-10-16
  • GDPC

KRIHS-World Bank Seminar on Land Development Policy in Korea

Date: October 14 (Mon), 2019

Venue: Penang, Malaysia

KRIHS participated in the 52nd EAROPH (Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlements) executive committee (EXCO) meeting in Penang, Malaysia, on October 14, 2019. The objective of the EXCO meeting was to share the urban and housing issues and activities of EAROPH and its member countries (Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Philippines).

Mia Davidson, the President of EAROPH, gave her welcoming remarks for attendees. Dr. Sehoon Park, Director of the GDPC, introduced the activities of the GDPC at KRIHS for the national chapters report. Participants at EAROPH expressed their interest in collaborating with the GDPC at KRIHS. After the national chapters report, the Secretary General of EAROPH delivered the activities of EAROPH International during 2018–19. He emphasized the importance of collaboration among member countries and suggested regular telecommunication meetings among member countries.

One of the important issues during the EXCO meeting was to discuss the role and activities of the technical sub-committee of EAROPH. The sub-committee is composed of five sub-categories: 1) SDGs, 2) affordable housing, 3) climate change and disaster resilience, 4) inclusion and social justice, and 5) green technology, smart cities, and infrastructure. Based on Korea’s expertise in smart cities, EAROPH Korea (KRIHS) will be responsible for the green technology, smart cities, and infrastructure committee.


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