A Primer on Korean Planning and Policy

Urban Regeneration

  • 2020-01-13
  • GDPC

Urban Regeneration

PART I. Introduction

1. Background

2. Concept of Urban Regeneration

PART II. Historical Overview of Urban Regeneration in Korea

1. Stage of Urban Improvement Centering on Redevelopment: 1980s - early 2000s

2. Introduced of Urban Regeneration Policy

PART III. Key Urban Regeneration Systems and Projects

1. Special Act on Promotion of and Support for Urban Regeneration

2. Government-aided Urban Regeneration Project

3. Urban Regeneration New Deal Project

PART IV. Key Policies for Urban Regeneration New Deal

1. Establishment of Pleasant Living Environment in Old Residential Areas

2. Development of Old Downtown Areas into Local Innovation Hubs

3. Establishment of Local Area-based Urban Regeneration Economic Ecosystem

4. Strengthening of Local Governance Capacity and Community Revitalization

5. Response to Gentrification

PART V. Implications for International Development Cooperation

1. Factors for and Limitations in Success of Korean-style Urban Regeneration

2. Expected Major Issues

3. Possibility of Cooperation in the Future

PART VI. Bibliography

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