Special Report

Special Report Vol. 65 (2022)

  • 2022-12-01
  • GDPC

Special Report Vol. 65 (2022)

Right Sizing 2.0: An ESG Strategy for Vacant Publicly-Owned Properties in Korea’s Shrinking Cities

Chapter I. Introduction

Chapter II. Current Status of Vacant National and Municipal Properties in Shrinking Cities in South Korea

1. Method of investigating the current conditions

2. Current status of the distribution of vacant national and municipal properties

3. Locational characteristics of vacant national and municipal properties

4. Summary and implications of analytic results

Chapter III. Right Sizing Strategies for Shrinking Cities Regarding Vacant National and Municipal Properties

1. Environment: Convert vacant national and municipal properties into green infrastructure sites to achieve carbon neutrality

2. Society: Remove blind spots in the supply of basic services

(e.g., social infrastructure and social rental housing) to achieve spatial justice.

3. Governance: Provide civic society with the right to the city to shape a main decision-making agent

Chapter IV. Conclusion


This study proposes an effective right sizing strategyfor shrinking cities that cannot ensure developmentdemand. Analytic results show that vacant nationaland municipal properties account for over half of allproperties in the urbanized areas of most shrinkingcities. It was also found that nine shrinking citieshave infill development potential and that a rightsizing strategy can be effectively applied in some ofthese cities due to high development density in theirnon-urbanized areas. Based on the analytic resultsindicated above, this study proposes an enhancedright sizing strategy that utilizes the opportunitiesinherent in vacant national and municipal propertiesfrom the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspective.

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