Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 73)

  • 2018-04-25
  • Kim Minjee


In-Depth Look

01 A Study on the Implication of Vacant Housing Policy/ Mina Kang

1. Research Background and Goals

2. Institutional Limitations and Causes of Vacancies

3. Policy Proposals

02 Residential Environment of Industrial Complexes: Challenges and Policy Directions/ Sungchul Cho

1. Background and Significance

2. Evaluation Summary on the Residential Environment of Industrial Complexes

3. Policy Directions

03 Reinforcing the Urban Growth Management Role of Green Belts in Metropolitan Areas/ Joong-Eun Kim, Sungwon Lee, David Kim

1. Changes in Green Belts Adjustment Policy

2. Issues of Green Belt Policy in Terms of Urban Growth Management

3. Current Conditions and Characteristics of Green Belt Adjustment by City Region

4. Reinforcing Urban Growth Management Role of Green Belts

04 Ideas to Utilize Big Data to Complement a Method of Travel Demand Estimation: Focus on New Development Sites/ Seoyoun Yoon

1. Background: Need for more Diverse Travel Demand Analysis Methodologies

2. Potential Improvements to the Travel Demand Estimation Method Using Big Data

3. Analysis 1: Correlation among Relocation Scale, Demographic Change and Daily Traffic Volume Change (2011-2016)

4. Analysis 2: Distribution of Inter-regional Trips Using Telecom-based Floating Population Data

5. Policy Proposals to Promote Big Data Analytics to Improve Travel Demand Estimation

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