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S & E (Vol. 86)

  • 2021-07-14
  • GDPC



Balanced National Development in the Republic of Korea: Experience and Challenges / Tae Hwan Kim

Policy & Issues Brief

01 A Study on the Spatial Strategy for Balanced National Development / Seong Hee Min

1. Multi-Layered Zoning

2. Spatial Strategies According to the Setting of Multi-Layered Areas

02 Network-Based MegaregionStrategies for Balanced National Development / Kyung Hyun Park

1. Crises in the Provinces and the Rise of Megaregions

2. Concept and Characteristics of Megaregions

3. Diagnosis and Tasks of Korea's Megaregion Policy Promotion

4. Direction of Development in Linkage with Megaregions for Balanced National Development

03 A Study on the Balanced National Development Monitoring System / Tae Hwan Kim, Hyo Ran Lee

1. Background and Purpose

2. Basic Direction

3. Monitoring of Targets and Key Indicators

4. Pilot Monitoring

5. Conclusion


01 KRIHS-MOLIT Policy Research Conference 2021

02 Launching Seminar of the KRIHS Geospatial Digital Twin Research Center

03 KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy (KIUDA) Small Private Online Course (SPOC)

04 Publication of the National Balanced Development Series

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