Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 84)

  • 2021-01-20
  • GDPC


Issues and Trends 01

01 A Study on Social Value and Publicity of Geospatial Information: Focusing on Engagement of the People Disadvantaged in Using and Accessing Geospatial Information / HaeKyong Kang

1. Outline
2. Main Concepts: The Social Value of Spatial Information and the Spatial Information-Poor
3. Policy Direction and Tasks for Enhancing the Social Value and Publicity of Spatial Information
4. Conclusion

Issues and Trends 02

02 A Study on Improvement of Regulation for Vitalizing Spatial Information-based Convergence Industry / Changwha Oh, Kihwan Seo

1. Background & Need
2. Current Status of Spatial Information-related Regulations and the Problems
3. Trend of the Improvement in Spatial Information Regulation
4. Suggestions for Improvement to Vitalize the Spatial Information-based Convergence Industry

In-Depth Look 01

03 Developing Interactive Land Monitoring Reports as Data-driven Communication Tool for National Land Policy / Youngjoo Lee, Bokyeong Lee, Changwha Oh, Jaesoen Son

1. Change in the Policy Delivery Method Following the Change in the Communication Method
2. Data-driven National Land Policy Communication Tools Should Be Developed
and Utilized
3. Social Innovation by Sharing National Land Issues with the People and Solving Them through Communication

In-Depth Look 02

04 Strategies for Innovating the Geospatial Information Production System to Encourage the Data Economy / Mijeong Kim, Yong Huh

1. Background and Purpose
2. Emergence of the Data Economy and Changes in the Role of Geospatial Information
3. Innovation Strategies and Tasks for the Geospatial Information Production System

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