Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 82)

  • 2020-11-05
  • GDPC


Issues and Trends 01

01 Integrating Spatial Planning and Environmental Planning to Reduce Fine Dust / Park Jong-soon, Nam Seong-woo

1. Background and significance
2. Characteristics of domestic fine dust
3. Problems caused by the divided system of urban and environmental planning
4. Measures to Integrating the two plans

Issues and Trends 02

02 Introducing Wind Paths for Fine Dust Reduction / Yoon Eunjoo, Park Jong-soon

1. Background and significance
2. Simulation in the case area
3. Implications and future tasks

In-Depth Look 01

03 Analysis of Spatiotemporal Status and Influencing Factors of Fine Dust for the Policies to Mitigate Fine Dust / Sunyong Sung

1. Background
2. Status of fine dust in Korea
3. Process and causes of fine dust generation
4. Measures for the management of potential factors for fine dust reduction

In-Depth Look 02

04 Promoting Green New Deals for Eco-friendly and Energy Transition Cities / Lee Jungchan

1. Introduction
2. Cases of Urban Green New Deal promotion
3. Measures to promote Urban Green New Deal

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