Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 81) Special Edition

  • 2020-05-06
  • GDPC

SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 81. Special Edition (March 2020)

The 5th Comprehensive National Territorial Plan

Our Land, Shared Future: Towards Balanced, Smart and Innovative Cities and Regions for All

01 Vision and Strategy of The 5th Comprehensive National Territorial Plan in KOREA / Mi Sook Cha

02 Facilitating Distinctive and Decentralized Regional Development and Strengthening Solidarity and Collaboratoin / Mi Sook Cha, Wooseong Jeong

03 Invigorating Regional Industrial Innovation and Promoting Culture and Tourism / Seung Han Ryu, Soonja Lee

04 Building Safe and Livable Places Embracing Different Generations and Classes / Sang Jo Kim, Byoung Jae Lee

05 Creating Dignified and Environment-Friendly Territory / Jong Soon Park, Eun Joo Yoon

06 Constructing Efficient Infrastructure Management and Smart National Territory / Jaesung Choi

07 Building Peaceful National Territory Connecting the Continent and the Ocean / Hyun Ju Lee

08 Action Plan for the 5th Comprehensive National Territorial Plan / Wooseong Jeong, Young Joo Lee

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