Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 78)

  • 2019-09-03
  • GDPC


Issue and Trends 01

01 Future Prospects and Strategies for National Arterial Road / Kim Ho-Jeong, Kim Sang-Rok

1. Backgrounds and Purpose of the Study

2. Achievement and Challenge in National Arterial Road Establishment

3. Future ENvironment Change and Ipact on Road Transportation

4. Future Outlook of National Arterial Road

5. Policy Suggestion to Build Future Prospects for National Arterial Road

Issue and Trends 02

02 Regional SOC Investment and Management Plans for Inclusive Development of National Territory / Kim Joon-Ki

1. Definition and Objectives of Inclusive Development of National Territory

2. Inclusive Value of SOC (Roads & Railways)

3. Development of SOC Policy Directions for Inclusive Development of National Territory

4. Measures to Enhance Regional SOC Investment & Management for Inclusive Development of National Territory

In-Depth Look 01

03 Applying Mobile Bigdata for Estimation of Living Transport Coasts / Kim Jonghak

1. Concept of Cost of Living Transport and Estimation

2. Difference in Living Transport Costs Between Eup, Myeon and Dong in Gyeonggi Province

3. Policy Implications

In-Depth Look 02

04 Developing the Disaster Response Routes of Korea / Donghyung Yook

1. Background

2. Objectives of the Study

3. Major Findings

4. Conclusions

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