Space & Environment

S & E (Vol. 75)

  • 2019-01-15
  • You Chanyong

SPACE &ENVIRONMENT VOL. 75 (December 2018)

In-Depth Look

01 Assessing the effects of adopting self-driving cars in terms of transportation network efficiencies and users’ behaviors / Donghyung Yook and Backjin Lee

1. Backgrounds

2. Objective of the study

3. Major findings

4. Conclusions and policy suggestions

02 Measuring employment resilience in Korean Regions: Using regional business cycles / Saheum Hong

1. Secondary Cities: New Frontiers of Development and Challenges

2. Secondary Cities: Definitions & Types

3. Analysis of Urban Resilience in Korea Secondary Cities

4. Policy Implications for Secondary cities in developing countries

03 Housing stabilization plans for renter households / Mincheol Kim

1. Backgrounds and implications

2. Insufficient effectiveness of the systems to protect tenants

3. Main issues concerning the protection of tenants - Focusing on the system which grants the right to claim contract renewal

4. Policy attention to issues

04 Stimulation of regional consumption and establishment of the virtuous circle structure for the regional economy / Gichan Nam

1. Backgrounds and implications

2. Detection of structural change in regional economic growth by regional consumption

3. Review of the virtuous circle structure composed of regional consumption and regional economic growth

4. Policy implications for regional economic growth through stimulation of consumption

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