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KRIHS-WB expert roundtable: “Strategy for Cultural Heritages to Respond to Climate Change..."

  • 2023-10-12
  • GDPC

KRIHS and World Bank’s expert roundtable for joint research: “Strategy for Cultural Heritages to Respond to Climate Change for Sustainable Development”

Date: June 26 (Mon), 2023

Venue: Online

The Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) and the World Bank held an expert roundtable on Tuesday, May 16, at 9 PM to share the results of joint research on “Strategy for Cultural Heritages to Respond to Climate Change for Sustainable Development” and to collect expert opinions.

At the event, researchers participated from KRIHS, including Research Fellow Jeong Yun-hee and Korean side consultants Professor Kim Young-jae (Korea National University of Cultural Heritage), Researcher Kim Do-hyeong (Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation), Professor Song Won-seop (Chonbuk National University), and Researcher Kim Ji-su (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage), as well as World Bank officials, including Sector Leader Ahmed Eiweida (World Bank), and officials from international organizations such as UNESCO, UNWTO, and ICOMOS.

At the event, which began with a welcome speech by Research Fellow Jeong Yun-hee, Korean side consultants presented research results on climate change response strategies in South Korea’s tourism and cultural heritage sectors for sustainable tourism. Presenters introduced respective cases of South Korea’s national policies on climate change responses in the tourism and cultural heritage sectors addressed in the joint research and climate change response strategies in individual cities such as Seoul, Suwon, and Jeju.

In the discussion that followed, led by Sector Leader Ahmed Eiweida, experts from international organizations, including Barbara Minguez Garcia (UNESCO), Lorena Villar (UNWTO), and Gabriel Caballero (ICOMOS), shared their opinions on the joint research.

The experts generally asserted that the cases from South Korea could provide a useful solution to the tourism sector in developing countries suffering from climate change. KRIHS and the World Bank plan to hold the Technical Deep Dive (TDD), a knowledge-sharing session for developing country policymakers, in June to disseminate research results and strengthen the policy capacity of developing countries’ policymakers.

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