This primer aims to share the knowledge and experiences of territorial planning and policy in Korea for the past 60 years. After undergoing turbulent times of colonial rule and war in the first half of 20th century, Korea has accomplished a remarkable economic and social development since the 1960s. Now Korea becomes a favorite benchmark of many developing countries, and is performing an important role to disseminate its knowledge and policy experiences to global friends. On such a track, KRIHS publishes this primer which consists of various topics dealing with the territorial planning and policy ranging in either comprehensive or specific themes.

Geospatial Policy 1

  • 2016-01-13
  • 관리자

Geospatial Policy 1

The 5th Master Plan for National Geospatial Data Policies


1. Geopatial Data Policies: Driving Force for Creative Society

- Paradigm Shift of Geospatial Data

- Current Status of National Geospatial Data Policies

- Directions of National Geospatial Data Policies


2. Vision and Strategies

- Vision and Goals

- Strategies


3. Strategic Initiatives

- Construction of High-Quality Geospacial Data and Opening Expansion

- Promotion for Geospatial Data Convefgence Industry

- Strengthening Geospatial Big Data-based Platform Services

- Execution of R&D for Geospatial Data Conversion Technology

- Collaborative Advancement of Geospatial Data System and Utilization Enhancement

- Creative Human Resources Development for Geospatial Data industry

- Establishment of Execution System for Geospatial Data Convergence Policies


4. Action Plan

- Execution System

- Organizations in Charge of Each Project




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