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Special Report is an English digest of KRIHS research reports, published to provide information about Korea`s key urban and regional issues to interested scholars and policy makers across the world. It highlights the outstanding research studies completed by the research fellows of KRIHS.

Special Report (Vol. 34)

  • 2016-12-13
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The Promise of Big Data in Real Estate Policy: Identifying Problems and Workable Solutions in Real Time

Special Report (Vol.34)    -   Daejong Kim
Chapter I. Introduction
1. Background and Purpose
2. Scope and Methodology

Chapter II. The Concept of Big Data and Real Estate Big Data
1. The Concept of Big Data
2. Types of Big Data
3. Big Data and Spatial Big Data
4. Major Big Data as Related to Real Estate

Chapter III. Using Big Data to Determine the Effectiveness of Real Estate Policy
1. Methods of Assessing Effectiveness of Real Estate Policy
2. Establishment of Big Data
3. Big Data Analytics

Chapter IV. Analysis of Responses to and Demand for Real Estate Policy
1. Analysis of Public Opinion on Real Estate Policy
2. How Effective is Real Estate Policy?
3. Identifying Key Issues in Real Estate Policy

Chapter V. Conclusion
1. Utilization of Big Data and Its Implications
2. Limitations of Big Data Utilization
3. Recommendations?

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