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Special Report is an English digest of KRIHS research reports, published to provide information about Korea`s key urban and regional issues to interested scholars and policy makers across the world. It highlights the outstanding research studies completed by the research fellows of KRIHS.

Special Report (Vol. 33)

  • 2016-12-13
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Application of Smart Cells to Spatial Plans
Special Report (Vol.33)    -   Jonghak Kim
Chapter I. Overview of Research
1. Background and Objectives
2. Research Objective
3. Research Data

Chapter II. Smart Cell Concept
1. What is a Smart Cell?
2. Setup of Mobile Big Data
3. Characteristics of Mobile Big Data

Chapter III. Spatial Distribution of Human Activity Centers
1. Human Activity in Seoul Metropolitan Area: Shifting Centers of Gravity
2. Distribution of Active Population in Gangnam-gu: Place of Residence
3. Changing Centers of Activity in Neighborhood Facilities

Chapter IV. Use of Smart Cells in Emergency Planning
1. Central Points of Activity : Age and Time Distribution
2. Spatial Distribution for Different Age Groups
3. Distribution of Emergency Shelters in Jongno-gu
4. Analysis of Extreme Heat Scenario

Chapter V. Implications for Developing Countries?

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