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Special Report is an English digest of KRIHS research reports, published to provide information about Korea`s key urban and regional issues to interested scholars and policy makers across the world. It highlights the outstanding research studies completed by the research fellows of KRIHS.

Special Report (Vol. 32)

  • 2016-12-10
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A Study on the Usabiity of Big Data to Enhance Reliability of Regional Travel Demand Forecasting
Special Report (Vol.32)    -   Yoon, Seo-youn
Chapter I. Research Overview
1. Research Background
2. Research Scope and Expected Policy Effects
Chapter II. Interregional Traffic Demand Forecasting : Conditions and Problems
1. Korea Transportation Database
2. Error-generating Factors in Travel Demand Estimates

Chapter III. Consideration of Applicability of Big data to Forecasting of Interregional Travel Demand
1. Uses of Transportation-related Big Data
2. Ideas and Possibilities for Big Data Use in Travel Demand Forecasting

Chapter IV. Big-Data-based Empirical Analysis of Interreional Travel Patterns
1. Empirical Analysis I: Using TCS Data to Analyze Dynamic Travel Demand Patterns
2. Empirical Analysis II: Analysis of Peack and Off-peak Duration Times from Time-of-Day Expressway Traffic Data
3. Empirical Analysis III: Using Mobile Communications User Data to Examine Weekend Conversion Coefficients


Chapter V. Conclusion and Policy Suggestions
1. Policy Applications for Big Data
2. Future Tasks?


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