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The primary purpose of the Space and Environment publication is to present comprehensive overview of the modern-day territorial development in Korea to international experts and professionals in the relevant fields. The publication includes major research studies completed by KRIHS in diverse topics, such as national/international territory planning, region planning, city planning, housing system, land infrastructure, transportation system, GIS, general living condition, and etc.
  • S & E (Vol. 53)
    S & E (Vol. 53) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 53 (February 2013)     01 Housing Issues in Korea’s Rural Village and Policy Measures / Kang Mi-na 1. Decrease in Number of Residents and Households 2. Increase in Number of Vacant Houses and Decrease in Number and Size of Rural Villages 3. Aging Population and Increasing Multicultural Households 4. Characteristics of Rural Households and Housing Conditions 5. Key Strategies and Policy Measures for Rural Housing   02 Development of National Geographic Information Systems: Korea’s Global Cooperation Experience / Choe Byong-nam, Kang Hae-kyong 1. The Necessity of Global Cooperation 2. Promotion of Spatial Data Policies in Korea 3. Korea’s Global Partnership Programs   03 Demographic Change and Spatial Transformation in Korea: Recent Development and Future Policy Directions 1. The End of Urbanization in Korea? 2. Spatial Transformation in the Post-Urbanization Period: Growing City-Regions and Shrinking Provincial Cities 3. Struggling Provincial Cities: Population Decline and Aging 4. Policy Suggestions   04 The Paradigm Shift and Policy Direction in River Management / Park Tae-sun 1. What is a Paradigm and How it is Related to Reivers? 2. How will the Paradigm on Rivers Change? 3. Future River Management Policies     International Collaboration   - KRIHS held the 2012 Capacity Building Program for Nepal Lumbini Project - Low-income Housing Prolicies Discussed at the Vietnam-Korea Joint Workshop - Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between GDLA-KRIHS - EAROPH and KRIHS Signed MOU to Enhance Closer Cooperation     News & Announcements   - U-City World Forum Technology Summit 2012 held in Seoul - Hands-on Knowledge of MDBs Shared at the Global Development Partnership Academy - The 16th Global Development Partnership Forum - Call for Papers
  • S & E (Vol. 52)
    S & E (Vol. 52) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 52 (December 2012) Futures of National Territory by Region / Lee Yong-woo 1. Overview of Futures Studies on National Territory 2. Futures of the Chungcheong Region 3. Futures of the Honam Region 4. Futures of the Daegyeong Region 5. Futures of the Dongnam Region 6. Futures of the Gangwon Region 7. Futures of the Jeju Region 8. Future Images of Nation Territory and Policy Agenda National Minimum Standards for Transportation Services / Ko Yong-seok 1. Establishing the Assessment Criteria and Methodology 2. Results of Status Assessment 3. Policy Suggestions A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment at the Community Level / Wang Kwang-ik 1. The Impacts of Climate Change and Vulnerability 2. Reasons to Consider the Vulnerable Groups to Climate Change 3. The Current State of Vulnerability to Climate Change: Heat Waves and Cold Waves 4. A Correlation between Summer Temperature and the Built Environment at the Community Level 5. Future Direction International Collaboration - The 18th Asia Construction Conference on Sustainable Construction - KRIHS Holds Training Course on Understanding NSDI Planning & Policy - KRIHS and NILIM Concludes a MoC to Enhance Collaboration - KRIHS and NILIM Hosts a Joint Workshop to Celebrate a MoC - Cities Alliance Visits KRIHS to Strengthen Collaborative Ties - GDPC Hosts a Workshop on National Territorial Development and Management for High-ranking Myanmar Officials - KRIHS-IDB Joint Activities for Sustainable Emerging Cities - GDPC and IDB Jointly Held an Audio Conference for 2012 IDB-KSP IOCC Project NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS - Workshop on Korean-Chinese Professionals Held in Liaoning, China - KRIHS and Ajou University Jointly Hosted an International Seminar on Transportation Modeling - KRIHS and the MLTM Hosts ICG-TEK 2012 International Conference - On-site Meetings to Introduce ICT Industries for Urban & Economic Growth of Large Cities in Developing Countries: Mumbai and Chittagong
  • S & E (Vol. 51)
    S & E (Vol. 51) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 51 (October 2012) The 23rd EAROPH World Congress Successfully Held in Daegu   Futures of the National Territory by Region / Lee Yong-woo 1. Framework for Regional Foresight 2. Futures of the Capital Region 3. Future Images of the National Territory 4. Policy Issues Regeneration Projects to Improve Competitiveness of Decrepit Industrial Complexes / Chang Cheol-soon 1. Current Status of Industrial Complexes in Korea 2. Need to Regenerate Industrial Complexes 3. Regeneration through Industrial Complex Diagnosis 4. Industrial Complex Regeneration Methods 5. Future Directions Building a Disaster Resilient City Responding to Climate Change / Sim Ou-bae 1. Urban Planning Factors of Integrated Response to Disasters 2. Prevention Measures against Floods 3. Prevention Measures against Drought 4. Prevention Measures against Heat Waves 5. Prevention Measures against Heavy Snows 6. Prevention Measures against Winds 7. Prevention Measures against Rising Sea Levels INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION - KRIHS Promotes Partnership with the WB - KRIHS and the IDB Sign MOU to Enhance Collaboration - 2012 KSP-IDB Joint Activities for Sustainable Emerging Cities Initiatives - KRIHS and the GWU Strengthen Ties - GDPC Provides Consulting on the Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project - GDPC Hosts a Training Program on AMC-KRIHS Real Estate - UAE Visits to Learn Korea’s Achievements on Territorial Development and Smart Government - Advisory Meeting on Development of China’s Central Regions - GISTDA Delegation Visits KRIHS to Enhance Collaboration NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS - Global Development Strategies of the KOICA and KRIHS Are Discussed - Vietnamese Ambassador Delivered a Speech on Present Conditions and Opportunities in Vietnam - The 21st Korea-Japan Construction Economy Workshop - The Second 2012 AURI Architecture and Urban Forum
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