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The primary purpose of the Space and Environment publication is to present comprehensive overview of the modern-day territorial development in Korea to international experts and professionals in the relevant fields. The publication includes major research studies completed by KRIHS in diverse topics, such as national/international territory planning, region planning, city planning, housing system, land infrastructure, transportation system, GIS, general living condition, and etc.
  • S & E (Vol. 59)
    S & E (Vol. 59) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 59 (July 2014) Issue & Trends 01 Cooperation in Eurasia: Korea's Vision and Strategy / Lee Jae-young 1. Emerging Eurasia 2. Key Points and Scope of the Eurasia Initiative 3. Korea-Eurasia Cooperation Strategy 02 Silk Road Express: for the Success of the Eurasia Initiative / Seo Jong-won 1. Background 2. SRX, the Core Strategy of Korea's Eurasia Policy 3. Shared Prosperity in Eurasia through SRX 4. How to Successfully Implement SRX 03 Strategies to Develop Industrial Clusters in Primorsky / Jo Jin-cheol, Lim Young-tae 1. Troitsa Bay: Logistics, Light Industrial Cluster, Free Trade Zone 2. Vladivostok: Tourism, Service Industrial Cluster, Free Economic Zone 3. Ussuriysk: Agro-Processing Cluster 4. Nakhodka: Heavy and Chemical Industrial Cluster 5. Establishing a Long-Term Regional Development Strategy for Primorsky In-Depth Look 01 Korea Explores Strategy at Eurasian Knowledge Network Forum / Jeong Il-ho, Kang Hae-kyong, Park Ji-woo 1. Korea-Russia Far East Forum Underscores Bilateral Cooperation 2. Korea and Kazakhstan Seek Economic Cooperation Global Partnership News - Workshop Addresses Affordable Housing in the Philippines - MetroLab: Seoul Global Exchange - KRIHS-ADB Collaborate on Urban Sustainability in Southeast Asia - 3rd KRIHS-NILIM Joint Seminar Tackles Urban Renewal and Planning - 2014 KRIHS-GWU Workshop on Sustainable Urban Development
  • S & E (Vol. 58)
    S & E (Vol. 58) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 58 (June 2014) Practical Strategies for Trans-border Cooperation in Amnok River Region among South Korea, North Korea, and China / Kim Cheon-kyu - The need for and significance of developing the border area between North Korea and China - Criteria and process for selecting trans-border cooperation projects in Amnok River region - Major tasks of each trans-border cooperation project - A six-phase strategy for implementing transborder cooperation projects in Amnok River region - Implementation framework for trans-border cooperation project in Amnok River region New Industrial Location Policy for Job Creation / Kang Ho-je - Research overview - Empirical analysis of job creation by region and industry - Findings on the industrial location policies and regional industry policies for job creation - Conclusion and policy implications Issue & Trends 01 Introduction of Ecological Network for Spatial Plans Aiming to Balance Development and the Environment in Korea / Park Jong-soon      1. Integration of spatial planning and environmental planning 2. Application of national ecological network for linking and integrating the plans In-Depth Look 01 Center for the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian Studies / Lee Sang-jun Global Partnership - KRIHS and University of Tokyo Held a Joint Seminar on Spatial Analysis - Visit from Mongolian ALAGaC’s Geospatial Information Delegation - KRIHS and University of Tsukuba Held a Meeting on International Academic Research Cooperation - 2014 Capacity Building Program for Nepal Lumbini Project - Workshop for a Field Investigation Team from Selangor, Malaysia - KRIHS Signed a MOU with IUR at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania News & Announcements - The 4th Korea Forum in 2013 - Global Development Partnership Forum  
  • S & E (Vol. 57)
    S & E (Vol. 57) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 57 (December 2013) Feasibility Study on the Establishment of the Integrated Operation and Control Center in Two Latin American Cities / Lee Sang-keon, You Hee-youn, Lee So-young    1. Background and purpose of the project 2. Basic concept and establishment plan for the Integrated Operation and Control Center in Goiania 3. Basic concept and establishment plan for Integrated Operation and Control Center in Montevideo 4. Conclusion Impact of the Development of Information and Communication Technology on Travel Behavior / Lee Back-jin, Kim Joon-ki,  1. Background and necessity of study 2. Changes in the transportation sector with the development of ICT 3. Impact regarding the use of information and communication device on the frequency of travel 4. Impact regarding the use of information and communication device on activity space 5. Impact of the use of information and communication device on the selection of public transportation means 6. Conclusion and policy suggestion Issue & Trend Phenomenon and Prospect of Post New Cities : Application of Urban Regeneration for Sustainability / Lee Bum-hyun 1. Process of developing a new city in the era of quantitative growth and phenomenon analysis 2. Sustainability of a new city and urban regeneration 3. Inducement of sustainable urban maintenance system at the village level 4. Restoration and regeneration of the center of major town In-Depth Look Center for Real Estate Market Analysis / Park Chun-gyu 1. Operation of the KRIHS System for Real Estate Market Analysis & Prediction(K-REMAP)   2. Continuous research to strengthen the function of real estate market analysis 3. Policy support for the government and provision of fair and transparent information to the public Global Partnership - International Conference on Cultural Strategies and Urban Regeneration - 2013 Asia Smart & Green City Forum: Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Smart & Green City - Knowledge Sharing of Korea's Experiences on Infrastructure Development - Capacity Building Program for Officials of Asuncion in Paraguay - International Workshop with SCAG, WB and IDB - Training for Government Officials from Vietnam - 2013 IDB-KRIHS ICT Application Training for the Sustainable Emerging Cities in LAC - NSDI Policy and Planning Training News & Announcements    - The 3rd Korea Forum 2013 - International Seminar: Green and Smart City Development in Vietnam - Global Development Partnership Forum - The 2nd Global Development Partnership Capacity Building Academy - Joint Workshop Held with the Asian Development Bank (ADB): Integrated Urban Planning Workshop - The 46th Earoph Regional Conference
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