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The primary purpose of the Space and Environment publication is to present comprehensive overview of the modern-day territorial development in Korea to international experts and professionals in the relevant fields. The publication includes major research studies completed by KRIHS in diverse topics, such as national/international territory planning, region planning, city planning, housing system, land infrastructure, transportation system, GIS, general living condition, and etc.
  • S & E (Vol. 62)
    S & E (Vol. 62) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 62 (July 2015)     Issues & Trends   01 Changing Landscape of Private Rental Market in Korea / Park Miseon 1. Introduction 2. Characteristics of Private Rental Market Transaction 3. Implications and Policy Recommendations   02 An Analysis on the Economic Impacts of Changes in Property Tax / Park Joon 1. Possibility for PNV Reorganization and Expected Changes in Property Tax 2. Current Property Tax Systems in Korea 3. Financial Impacts of Changes in Property Tax 4. Economic Impacts of Changes in Property Tax 5. Conclusion   03 Developing Housing Finance Policy in a Changing Housing Market / Park Chungyu 1. Basic Elements of the Housing Finance System 2. Maintaining Macro and Micro Prudentiality in the Housing finance Market 3. Increasing Financial Inclusion in the Housing Finance Market and Efficiency in Housing Finance 4. Protecting Consumer in the Housing Finance Market 5. Basic Direction for the Housing Finance Market and System     In-Depth Look   01 2014 KRIHS Research Projects 1. Research Projects by the National Territorial Planning and Research Division 2. Research Projects by the Land Management and Urban Research Division 3. Research Projects by the Housing and Land Research Division 4. Research Projects by the Infrastructure Research Division 5. Research Projects by the Geospatial Information Reserach Division     Global Partnership News   - KRIHS and WB Co-organize Municipal Capacity Building Program for Nepal and Bangladesh - GDPC Develops Second KRIHS-IDB Urban Development Academy (KIUDA) - KRIHS Seeks More Partnership Opportunities in Asia-Pacific Region at EAROPH Regional Seminar 2015  
  • S & E (Vol. 61)
    S & E (Vol. 61) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 61 (April 2015)     Issues and Trends   01 Building a Smart and Safe City: Focus on Reducing Crime / Lee Jae Young 1. Prevent Crime with Technology 2. Build Urban Safety Networks 3. Consider Present and Futre Challenges   02 Mitigating Disaster through Urban Planning / Han Woosuk 1. Climate Change and Recent Disasters in Korea 2. Central Government Preparing Disaster Prevention Polices 3. Future Challenges to Improve Urban Disaster Prevention Policies   03 National Risk Management and its Implication for Korea / Choi Choongik 1. Economic Development Produces a Risk Society 2. Climate Change Presents Threats in a Risk Society 3. A Risk Society Threatens Human Existence 4. What Makes a Society Safer     In-Depth Look   01 The Crisis of Aging SOC Compels Safety Countermeasures / Cho Hyejin 1. Prevent Disasters Due to Aging SOC 2. Prepare National Countermeasures for Aging SOC 3. Develop Resources for SOC Infrastructure 4. Inspect Existing Safety Management Systems 5. Develop an Independent National Safety Organization 6. Adopt Safety Countermeasures for Local Government 7. Institute Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Reports 8. Introduce Asset Management for SOC 9. Secure Financing Resources for Aging SOC     Global Partnership News   - GDPC Carries Forward Capacity Building Programs - KRIHS-WWC Co-organizes Joint Seminars on Urban Disaster Prevention - KRIHS Attends IDB-IIC Annual Meeting 2015 - GDPC Organizes KSP Capacity Building Programs for Vietnam and Sri Lanka  
  • S & E (Vol. 60)
    S & E (Vol. 60) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 60 (October 2014)     Issues & Trends   01 National Guidance to Promote Korean Urban Regeneration / Park Jung-eun 1. Urban Competitiveness Front and Center 2. Promotion Methods 3. Vision and Goals 4. Government Focus on Urban Regeneration Policies   02 Urban Regeneration: Two-Pronged Project / Lee Wang-geun 1. Legal Basis and Details 2. Characteristics of Each Category 3. How to Conduct a Successful Economy-Based Activation Plan 4. How to Create a Successful Community-Based Activiation Plan   03 Financing Urban Regeneration: Challenge and Opportunity / Yoo Jae-yoon, Jung So-yang 1. Need for Public Support to Finance Urban Regeneration 2. Housing and Urban Fund Aims for Stable Funding 3. Seeking Diverse Financing Methods for Urban Regeneration     In-Depth Look   01 Sustainable Urban Regeneration Built on cultural Heritage / Kim Hyo-jeong 1. Introduction 2. Regeneration of Cities Using Government-Designated Cultural Heritage 3. Urban Regeneration Using Other Types of Cultural Heritage 4. Conclusion     Global Partnership News   - KRIHS 36th Anniversary Seminar Tackles Population Aging and Housing Welfare Issues - KRIHS Shares its Experience in Geospatial Information Policy and Planning - KRIHS-ICAK Host the 7th Overseas Development Financing Forum - GDPC Capacity Building Program Participants Married - 24th EAROPH World Congress: Toward Resilient and Smart Cities
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