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The primary purpose of the Space and Environment publication is to present comprehensive overview of the modern-day territorial development in Korea to international experts and professionals in the relevant fields. The publication includes major research studies completed by KRIHS in diverse topics, such as national/international territory planning, region planning, city planning, housing system, land infrastructure, transportation system, GIS, general living condition, and etc.
  • S & E (Vol. 50)
    S & E (Vol. 50) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 50 (August 2012)     01 Development Potential of Industrial Infrastructure in the NK·C·R Border Region / Kim Chun-kyu 1. Development Potential in the Border Region 2. Cooperation Tasks in the Border Area 3. Countermeasures   02 Advanced Measures for Water Resources Management in the Green Growth and Integration Era / Kim Chong-won 1. Needs to Rationalize Sewer Charge 2. Best Practices in Advanced Countries 3. Survey Results of Local Public Officials 4. Policy Proposals   03 SOC Investment Effects during the Economic Fluctuation Period / Kim Min-cheol 1. SOC Investment Trends 2. Analysis on SOC Investment Effects 3. Foreign Examples of SOC Investment 4. Policy Measures   04 Cultural Cluster Strategy as a Tool for Urban Revitalization / Park Se-hoon     International Collaboration   - International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Compact City - KRIHS-CLSPI Discuss Efficient Land Use Management - KRIHS Visits Vietnam to Discuss Further Collaboration - Kenyan Government Officials Join a Training Program by KOICA - GDPC Hosts Training Program for African Officials - GDPC Holds 10th Global Development Partnership Forum     News & Announcements   - KRIHS, KICT & Greening Partner Promote Energy Conservation for Low Carbon Green Growth Strategy - KRIHS Hosts Seminar on Urban Development and Regeneration - Korea-Russia Far East Forum - Professor Gudmundur F. Ulfarsson Discusses Impact of Smart Growth on Public Finance  
  • S & E (Vol. 49)
    S & E (Vol. 49) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 49 (August 2012)     01 North Korean Cities’ Economic Development Potential and Future Tasks / Lee Sang-jun 1. Development Potential of North Korean Cities 2. Future Tasks for Nampo and Sinuiju   02 Prediction of Land Use Change through Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis / Kim Dae-jong, Koo Hyeong-su 1. Process of Land Use Change 2. Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis 3. Land Use Change Prediction System   02 Policy Direction for Changing Housing Market Environment / Lee Soo-wook 1. Change in Population, Social and Economic Structures, and Housing Demand 2. Mid- and Long-Term Housing Policies   Real Estate Policies Tailored for Regional Sub-Markets / Park Chun-gyu 1. Deepening Division of the Real Estate Market by Region 2. Classified Cases of the Real Estate Sub-Markets     International Collaboration   - KRIHS Pledges to Contribute to Economic Growth in Developing Nations - Korea and Japan Hold Workshop on Urban Development Cooperation - ADB Seeks Further Cooperation with KRIHS - KRIHS and NILIM Anticipate Future Cooperation - GSD Visits to Discuss National Territorial Development Policies - Policy Advisory Course for High-level Officials from Mongolia - TAMU CHSD-KRIHS Launch Joint Workshop on Health & Longevity in Cities     News & Announcements   - Training Program for Nepali High-level Officials Kicks off - OECD Urban Policy Review of Korea 2012 Unveiled - National Urban Disaster Prevention Research Center Opens
  • S & E (Vol. 48)
    S & E (Vol. 48) 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일 첨부파일
    SPACE & ENVIRONMENT VOL. 48 (April 2012)  Conflict Management Using Q Methodology in Territorial Development / Park Hyung-seo, Chang Eun-gyo 1. Q Methodology 2. Recognition Types and Characteristics of Conflict Actors 3. Measures to Use the Q methodology in Policies Smart Future City: Social Changes in the Age of U-city / Lee Jin-hui 1. Progress of ICT Technology and the Rise of the U-city 2. From the Information Age Toward the U-city 3. Social Change in the U-city Age and the Need for New Urban Policy 4. Direction of City Plans according to Changes in the Urban Space Baby Boomers’ Retirement and Strategies on Boosting Rural Areas / Kim Chang-hyun 1. Characteristics of baby boomers 2. Five Policy Priorities 3. Creation of a Rural Settlement Model Smart Growth and Location Industry in the Capital Region / Kang Ho-jae 1. Industry Location Patterns in the SMA 2. Space-time Clustering Analysis on Industry Location in the SMA 3. Policy Implications for Smart Growth in the SMA International Collaboration - Cambodia Thanks KRIHS for Establishing NSDI Master Plan - Mongolian Delegation Visits to Benchmark Korea's Land Policy - KRIHS & VUPDA Discuss U-City and Green City - KPI Gives Insight into Sino-NK Economic Cooperation - Seminar on Korea-UAE Knowledge Sharing Program - Turkey Urbanization Review (UR) Workshop News & Announcements - Dr. Mohiuddin Alamgir Explores Korean Economic Development - Prof. Hirohito Looks at the Future of Global Port Logistics - GDPC Holds Seminar on Korea ODA Policy  - KRIHS President & Daegu Mayor Discuss 2012 EAROPH Congress
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