2015 IDB-KRIHS Joint Research on Cost-Benefic Analysis of IOCC through International Case Studies I

  • 2015-12-31
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KRIHS provided ten global consulting in cooperation with MDB regarding Smart City for last five years.

Meanwhile, IDB is preparing to regularize smart city development projects.

In this sense, it is necessary to analyze economic feasibility to establish a ground for project investment decision.

The research aims to analyze current operation status of existing ten global smart cities.

The result of the research can be utilized for economic feasibility study for smart city development.


Period of Research



Project Description

Conduct background research to analyze economic benefit of Smart City and Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) by international case studies.

Main contents of case studies include facilities and functions of IOCC, list of on-site facilities and their functions, providing services, information gathering and analyzing system, information distribution and utilization mechanism, management and evaluation of IOCC, financing (e.g. initial investment, management cost, operational costs), achievement of IOCC

Information will be gathered from the archive of city government and IOCC, and lacking information will be filled with interviews with related persons including IOCC and citizen surveys.

Being a joint Research, KRIHS will conduct case studies of six cities including Anyang, Namyangju, Songdo, Pangyo, Orlando, and Singapore, while IDB will conduct case studies of four cities including Rio de Janeiro, Madeline, Santander, Tel Aviv.

The focus of this research is international case studies. The international case studies will analyze different functions of Smart City and IOCC and how do those functions generate synergy when integrated.


Impacts and Benefits

This research can contribute to smart city development in Central and Southern America, disseminating the implications of Korean experience on smart city and IOCC.

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