2012 A Study on Laws Related to Land Development and Management in Korea

  • 2012-12-31
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A Study on Laws Related to Land Development and Management in Korea


Period of Research

July ~ December 2012



Systematic laws are essentially needed to develop urban areas and its facilities, however the scheme of the laws to execute urban development plan is still insufficient in developing countries.

For the reason, there have been many requests from developing countries on providing Korea laws related to land in order to learn national territory and urban planning in Korea.

It is a key point to disseminate the stream and change of the laws beyond simply reciting them.



To disseminate related laws on acquisition, development and management of land based on development of urban and facilities to developing countries

To provide practical scheme for land development of developing countries via containing a systematic legal flow



Analysis of the stream and change of laws related to land development and management during development and growth management period in Korea

Laws related to land written in English

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