2012 ODA Program Selection in National Territory Construction Area for Establishment of Korea's ODA Model

  • 2012-06-10
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ODA Program Selection in National Territory Construction Area for Establishment of Korea's ODA Model


Period of Research

April 16 ~ June 10, 2012



Korea has achieved rapid economic development within 30 years and is the only country that has overcome poverty from becoming a recipient country into a contribution country which is a unique factor that sets our development cooperation apart from developed countries.

Korea's development experience has grabbed attention as a successful example for development of developing countries, international organizations and developing countries are increasingly requesting the hand down of development experience from Korea

Korea's policy, institution, industry and technology that has contributed to compact success is the comparative advantage element that as an ODA project can be actively applied to developing countries.

As an contribution country, despite the short history and relatively small budget, through establishment and enforcement of development cooperation contents that has applied the comparative advantage elements of Korea it can contribute to the eradication of poverty and vitalization of international development cooperation.



Suggestion of the detailed program list and organization of development experience in the national construction field and specification of essential project programs for the establishment and execution of the Korean ODA model.



Select 20 or so programs from the national construction field that can be selected as models for Korean ODA and analysis and organization of the essential industry programs.

Draw an overall organization of our development experience in time order and phase of policies, institutes, industries and technology that our country has used during the development process.

Based on an analysis of the development experience of our country, select about 20 ODA programs from the national construction field that have essentially contributed to development and draw up 3~5 pages of each program


List of Selected Programs

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