2011 A Roadmap Study to Establish a Master Plan for International Cooperation

  • 2011-12-31
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A Roadmap Study to Establish a Master Plan for International Cooperation



In the rapidly changing international environment, as the role of the Ministry of Land, Transportation, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) has become more important, it is necessary to produce outcomes with a more strategic approach.

Land and maritime affairs is becoming important as providing assistance for developing countries' infrastructure development emerged as one of the major current issues in the Seoul Development Agenda, adopted in the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010

However, MLTM's operation of international cooperation in the field of land, transport and maritime affairs is currently scattered across multiple departments and is being done individually and sporadically by each department, so it is hard to maintain consistency in international cooperation business

Under this context, it is necessary to prepare a long term strategy for development cooperation in land, transportation, and maritime affairs based on the government and the MLTM's policy directions.



To provide alternatives for MLTM by diagnosing current problems of international cooperation operation of MLTM to keep pace with changing domestic and international business environment and conditions of land, transport and Maritime affairs, and

To provide a roadmap for MLTM to establish a master plan of international cooperation that offers direction and strategy on international cooperation operation in land, transportation, and maritime affairs



Diagnosis on the current situation of the departments in charge of international cooperation operation in MLTM by their type, content and manpower

Analysis on the current situation of international cooperation business in land, transportation, and maritime sectors

Provision of alternatives by analyzing problems of MLTM's previous modus operandi

Analysis on changes in domestic and international business environment and conditions such as FTA, WTO, climate change, Korea's joining OECD DAC, G20 Seoul Summit

Analysis on the conditions of international cooperation business market in emerging economies such as Asia/Africa and in advanced economies such as North America/EU

Analysis on the demands of cooperation including F/S, support for international conference, concluding MOU by analyzing recently increasing requests of international cooperation from developing countries

Benchmarking other ministries' strategies and roadmaps such as MOSF's "Strategy for International Economy Policy" and MOFAT's "Mid and Long Term Strategy for FTA"

Provision of mid-term and long-term vision and strategy through diagnosis of domestic/international environment of international cooperation

Provision of annual plans and strategies for international cooperation

Provision of ways to strengthen follow-up control of MOU to produce concrete outcomes such as activation of Korean companies' advancement in international cooperation business

Provision of concrete implementation plans for each major task by preparing detailed implementation plans for international cooperation and overseas operation by sector and region

Provision of plans to raise international cooperation experts by education, training, and other measures including staff secondment to MDBs and international organizations such as WB and ADB

Provision of plans to establish a system of domestic and international cooperation with major relevant ministries and agencies such as MOSF, MOFAT and public agencies

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