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Participation in 50th EAROPH Regional Conference

  • 2019-01-11
  • You Heeyoun /

Participation in 50th EAROPH Regional Conference

General Information

Theme: Between Vision and Reality: The Path Towards the Sustainable City

Date: November 6-8, 2017

Venue: Seda Hotel, Philippines

Participants: KRIHS(3), EAROPH(200)


Day 1

Opening Session

Seminar 1 - Introduction and OVerview of the New Urban Agenda

Seminar 2 - Roadmap to Localising Global Implementation Mechanisms

Seminar 3 - Singapore Integrated Urban Planning: Sustainable Township Development

Seminar 4 - Preventive Conservation Towards Safety and Disaster Resiliency: The Case Study of the San Pablo Cathedral in Laguna

Day 2 

Seminar 5 - Revisiting Manila's CLUP Towards Resiliency and Sustainability

Seminar 6 - Spatial Effects of the Greenbelt Removal in Medium-sized Cities on Land Development

Seminar 7 - Post Disaster Reconstruction Program for Typhoon Yolando: A Point of View from the Government Housing Sector, The National Housing Authority

Seminar 8 - The Ecosystem Approach to Community Design and Development

Seminar 9 - An Action Plan for Community Displacement in Development

Seminar 10 - Quezon City 'Smart City' Initiatives

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