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2018 KRIHS-UNESCAP Capacity Building on Spatial Data and Technologies for Urban Planning and Disaster Management

  • 2019-01-08
  • Hwang Youwon /

2018 KRIHS-UNESCAP Capacity Building on Spatial Data and Technologies 

for Urban Planning and Disaster Management



General Information

ㅇ Theme: Spatial data and technologies for urban planning and disaster management

ㅇ Date: Oct 29 (Mon) - Nov 10 (Sat), 2018

ㅇ Venue: Lotte Hotel, Seoul

Course Objectives

ㅇ To introduce and share South Korea’s success/failure experiences, knowledge and cases in urban planning, urban disaster 

    management to the participants

ㅇ To exchange problems, conflicts and challenges and to find best possible solutions for an integrated management tools or 

    processes between officials and municipal technicians from the state and municipalities as well.

ㅇ  By providing of suggestions, to help the participants formulate or manage more effectively of urban and disaster management       

     policies and instruments in each country.

 To strengthen future cooperation in this area among the participating countries


ㅇModule 1. Urban Disaster Management 

Korea’s Urban Disaster Management Policy

Urban Disaster Management & Application of Disaster Risk Reduction Technology

ㅇModule 2. Disaster Management Practices

- National Disaster Management Policy

Module 3. UN-ESCAP Lecture 

UN-ESCAP Lecture 

ㅇ Module 4. Spatial Data and Technology for Urban Planning 

- National Spatial Data Policy of Korea

- GIS Application for Sustainable Urban Development 

Geodesign-based Public Participation in Urban Planning

Real-Time Disaster Monitoring by Drone & Digital Map

ㅇ Module 5. Country Report and Action Planning 

- Country Report

- Action Plan Guide - 1st Meeting: Defining Current Issues

- Action Plan Preparation - 2nd Meeting: GAP Analysis & Development of Action Plan

- Action Plan Presentations - 3rd Meeting: Final Action Plan Presentation

ㅇ Module 6. Understanding Korean Culture

-  Historic Overview of Korea’s Economic Development and Its Implications

-  Seoul City Tour (Insa-dong, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, etc.)

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