Training Program

2018 KRIHS-ADB Capacity Building Program

  • 2019-01-08
  • You Heeyoun /

2018 KRIHS-ADB Capacity Building Program



General Information

ㅇ Theme: Sustainable Urban Development Policy and Practice

​ㅇ Date: Sep 3 (Mon) - Sep 7 (Fri), 2018

​ㅇ Venue: The Plaza Hotel in Seoul

Course Objective

ㅇ To share Korea’s knowledge and experience in the field of urban and territorial policy, urban disaster management, and 

    smart cities 

ㅇ To discuss how to apply them in each participant country

ㅇ To develop a variety of forms of future collaboration including policy consultation and joint research on urban development 

    with participant countries and ADB


ㅇ Lecture 

ž  - Korea’s Approach to Development: An Overview with an Urban Focus

ž   - An Introduction to Korea’s Territorial Development Policies

ž   - Development & Regeneration of Seoul

ž   - Municipal Waste Management in Seoul

ž   - Water Supply and Sewerage System of Seoul

ž   - Urban Disaster Management: Climate Change and Urban Response Strategy

ž   - Korea’s Proposal for Promoting Smart City Development in Asia

ž   - NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) and Applications in Korea

ㅇ Site Visit

   - Namsan Seoul Tower

ž   - Mapo Resource Recovery Facility

ž   - Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corp.

ž   - Ttukdo Arisu Purification Center

ž   - Waterworks Museum

ž   - Cheonggyecheon Museum

ž   - Seoul Museum of History

ž   - Cheonggyecheon Stream

ž   - Seoul Transport Operation & Information Service (Seoul TOPIS)   

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