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2018 KRIHS-KOICA Capacity Development Program on National Territorial Policy responding to Climate Change

  • 2019-01-08
  • Hwang Youwon /

2018 KRIHS-KOICA Capacity Development Program on 

National Territorial Policy responding to Climate Change



General Information

ㅇ Theme: Climate Change

​ㅇ Date: Jun 21 (Thur) - July 10 (Tue), 2018

​ㅇ Venue: KOICA in Seongnam and KRIHS in Sejong

Course Objective

ㅇ To learn national territory development policy and experiences of Korea

ㅇ To learn Korean and other countries approaches in Green Growth Strategy, Green House Gas Emission Reduction and Low 

     carbon Green City development

ㅇ To identify issues and share the views on climate change issues exchanged at Paris COP 21 talks and UN international framework

ㅇ To design the policy adaptable to his/her country or improve existing policy or regulatory framework in the participating country


ㅇ Module 1. National Urban Planning and Policy on Climate Change

 Introduction to Korea and its development experience

 National territorial & urban development in Korea

 National planning and policy on Climate Change in Korea

ㅇ Module 2. National Integrated Management System responding to Climate Change

-  National territorial planning and policy responding to climate change

 Establishment of climate change monitoring system and scenario in Korea 

​ㅇ Module 3.  Urban Infrastructure Policy for Adapting Climate Change and Metropolitan Growth  

Urban transportation policy for GHG reduction

Urban and new town development policy responding to metropolitan growth

 Solid-waste management strategy for environmental impact mitigation

 Waste-water & water resources management 

ㅇ Module 4. Policy Application for Climate Change Adaptation in Metropolitan Area

Socio-economic risk evaluation and management in urban area

Disaster risk management in metropolitan area

 Urban resilience policy and cases in Seoul Metropolitan Area (SMA) and Korea

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